HPO Token


  • HPO tokens can be purchased and used in the Hippocrat ecosystem by data consumers. These tokens reward data subjects for sharing data.

  • HPO is a token that has been rebranded from HUM (contract). A hard fork to the HPO token is set for Q2 23 following the rebranding. More details can be found in the section titled 'HUM→HPO Hard Fork'.

  • As of March 2023's end, the total circulation is 913,409,273.38 tokens, which includes 11,772,820 owned by the Foundation. 171,325,000 tokens are currently locked up and will be distributed as per the plan detailed below. After the hard fork, the maximum supply will adjust from 1,250,000,000 to 1,084,734,273.38 tokens, with no additional supply available for issuance.

  • Hippocrat will adhere to digital asset regulations currently under finalization in major countries. The token's utility may change in the future based on community and DAO decisions, ensuring the best interest of the Hippocrat ecosystem.

Token Distribution Plan

  • Following the rebranding, Hippocrat has centered its attention on creating an open ecosystem. This ecosystem can be freely joined and utilized by various stakeholders via decentralized governance.

  • Therefore, tokens will be distributed in the following manner for the purpose of developing necessary open-source tools for the Hippocrat ecosystem and constructing a DAO to develop and run Hippocrat's protocols and policies.

  • DAO and Community Reward Pool: 130,000,000 HPO

  • Lock-up release schedule

    • Jul 23: 40,000,000

    • Jul 24: 40,000,000

    • Jul 25: 50,000,000

  • Initial Ecosystem Contribution Reward: 41,325,000 HPO

    Lock-up release schedule

    • Jun 23: 20,000,000

    • Dec 23: 20,000,000

    • Jun 24: 1,325,000

HUM → HPO hard fork

  1. The hard fork will be initiated after implementing the lockTransfer function of the HUM token. The lockTransfer function will be performed at a time announced beforehand via the community and the listed exchanges, during which transfer of HUM between Ethereum accounts will be restricted. The HPO tokens will then be distributed based on the snapshot address and quantity of HUM at that time.

  2. HPO Token Verification

    • For personal wallets, the below information can be entered via the Add Custom Token function for verification.

    • Holders who have stored HUM tokens in exchange wallets will be able to verify their HPO tokens without any additional steps once the exchange makes the announcement.

    • In the future, we plan to provide a token addition guide for each major wallet through the foundation community.

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